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Where are you headed?

Planning to Own

It all starts with a dream of owning a dental practice. Practice Ownership Planning is the first step on this journey, where we discuss the vision and how it translates into reality. We look at the options, discuss finances and determine the right plan of action. We discuss risks and put together a plan. Next, with the Multiple Location Analysis we determine where are the best places to start or purchase a dental practice. (At this time most dentists still like to have both fo the options open). Next ,we put together a detailed business plan so that the dentist has a good understanging of what needs to be done, the timelines, the risks and the costs.

Practice Purchase / New Start

At this stage dentists have a pretty good idea whether to buy a practice or start one from scratch, but some dentists choose to run both tracks.

Practice Purchase

We start by helping the dentist find a dental practice. Once a target practice is considered, we do a purchase feasibility study to determine if this practice should be purchased and the maximum price to be paid. Next, we help the dentist through the process of transitioning into their own practice.

New Start

We start by helping the dentists find the ideal space to start the practice. Once location is found we conduct a detailed demographic study (Dental Market Intelligence) and competitive study (Dental Competitive Intelligence) to determine the attractiveness of the location and the maximum the dentist should pay. Finally, we help the dentist through the process of building their own practice.

At this stage the denist already has their own practice. The Strategic Business Planning helps us determine where the business should go in the future. Questions such as should I expand, move, purchase, partner, sell, franchise are answered. Strategic Marketing Planning helps us determine what a particular business should do to become more successful from a marketing and operational perspectives. Here we look at the strategy as well as how it translates into marketing and operations. These operations are then fine tuned and documented and implemented into the practice. This is called Business management Systems. We often find that the dentist has a spouse or another family member who are in the role of the Office Manager. They often have a wealth of experience from other areas but are struggling to find same success at the dental office. What we do is help to coach them and help to fill the gap so that they become very strong at their position. Finally, we also help the dentists thorugh the valuation. Some dentists are looking to sell, while others just want some direction and guidance. The valuation helps not only discover how much the practice is worth at that time, but more importantly come up with ways to increase the practice’s value prior to sale.