We are Dental Strategy.


About Us

Canada is the best place in the world to be a dentist. Our mission is to be the Canadian leader in business and dental competitive intelligence.  We use that knowledge to help dentists make optimal business decisions - whether it means finding the right location, finding the right practice to purchase, setting up or effectively market or sell a practice.  

What sets us apart is that we are an unbiased independent third-party.  We help dentists make better decisions and then help them through the process. If it is a service we don't perform, we help them find the right professional. 

What motivates us is the creation of goodwill in a practice.  Whether it is helping the dentists create and/or improve the practice in such a way that patients enjoy their visits and refer the practice to their friends and family or help ensure that patients stay at the practice through transition. We help dental practices design and implement a strategy that builds the loyalty of existing patients and makes their practice an easy destination for new ones.  

Our Team

Our team consists of energetic, innovative and driven individuals who always look for improvement.  It is a mixture of industry veterans and youthful strategic thinkers.

Amy Jolley - Professional Writer
Agata Muller - Market Research Coordinator
Julien Campeau - Marketing Associate