Juliana Viegas

Juliana Viegas,
Analyst / Dental Valuator

Juliana is one of our Senior Business Analysts at Dental Strategy. She composes valuations for dentists looking to sell their practice, analyzes data in order to help find a location for dentists looking to acquire or start from scratch, and guides dentists who need to grow their businesses with products and services of Dental Strategy. Her knowledge and industry expertise has proven to help dentists at any stage of their dental career. You can expect proficiency, transparency, and professionalism when working with Juliana.

Furthermore, Juliana is a graduate of Western University, who achieved a business degree with a focus in finance. Her interest in helping others succeed in their businesses led her to join our team at Dental Strategy. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports, spending time with family and friends, and watching comedy television shows and movies.

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